I wrote previously why you should remove the word ‘blame’ from your vocabulary. It is disempowering. When you blame someone (or something) you are effectively saying ‘I can’t do anything about this. They (or that) has to change’. Instead, use the word ‘responsibility’. Take responsibility for what you can change and learn to accept what you can’t.

When you stop blaming others you will become a more likeable person. When you accept responsibly for what you can change you will become a more productive person. For example:

  • Instead of saying ‘why don’t you wash your cup when you've finished with…

The galaxy
The galaxy
The galaxy and the divine spiral

For most people what they think of as their consciousness is really their ego. We are ruled by sensations and the reaction to these sensations: what we like or don’t like. In general, people seek out what they enjoy and run away from what they don’t enjoy. Of course there are exceptions. Parents make sacrifices for their children and we may put up with difficulties at work in order to receive a pay packet or to build up a business. Sometimes we put up with short term difficulties for long term gains.

But our ego is the end of a…

Speeding up time

There’s a perception that some people have that time is speeding up. That is, a minute now seems shorter than a minute, say, ten years ago. Sceptics of course debunk this claim as being ‘scientifically inaccurate’, but there is some evidence of this. In fact, what does the concept of speeding up time mean? We measure speed using time, so if time is speeding up how would we know?

What is changing is the difference between objective time and subjective time. Imagine that brain perception is like a movie where a series of snapshots are taken and put together to…

Trangender pronouns
Trangender pronouns

I was recently told by someone that had I looked at her profile I would have noticed her preferred pronouns that I should be using instead of using the words ‘she’ and ‘her’. What she didn’t realise was that it wasn’t that I didn’t know — it was that I didn’t care. Or to be more precise, I do care which is why I generally won’t use the ‘preferred’ pronouns.

Let me explain. Micro-aggression is defined as ‘a subtle, often unintentional, form of prejudice. Rather than an overt declaration of racism or sexism, a microaggression often takes the shape of…

Covid vaccine

Leaving aside the conspiracy theorists, everyone knows that Covid is a killer that can threaten the existence of the human race. We are told that thousands of people are dying daily from Covid and unless we wear masks and take steps to avoid contact with other people the outcome will be overloaded health services and the deaths of our loved ones. In this article Michael Tamillow shows the real probability of suffering from Covid.

So let’s look at the figures from the people who are producing the Covid vaccines.

This report on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine gives us the first peer-reviewed…

Suspension bridge

I’ve written before about left and right brained thinking. One of the characteristics of left-brained thinkers is that they think in binary. The left side of the brain deals in patterns so thoughts and concepts are put into boxes: an object is a table or a chair or it’s a wall or a door; an idea is science or pseudoscience. Sceptics and Atheists are left brained thinkers. There are few exceptions to that

One of the arguments of Atheists is what I call the ‘Atheist’s question’. It comes in many forms: If God is all good, why do bad things…

You are offered the blue pill or the red pill

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ Neo is offered the choice between two pills: the blue pill will keep him in the dream where he can believe whatever he wants to believe. The red pill ejects him into a reality.

You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe,” says Morpheus.

“You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

Neo takes the red pill. In a way we are all offered this choice and sometime in our lives we…

Some time ago I saw an online article by a man who’s cat died. He said that some time previously he was incapacitated and laid on a couch for much of the day. The cat would sit with him. He became very attached to the cat which was his only companion and was always there to give comfort. When the cat died he was devastated. He said it hit him harder than when his father died.

The responses to his article were split: most were sympathetic, and as someone who lost a cat that was my companion I could empathise…

Polarisation of views
Polarisation of views

Some time ago I wrote an article (The girl with the X ray eyes) on a documentary how CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) under the leadership of Prof. Richard Wiseman set out to discredit a Russian girl Natasha Demkina. The documentary was an attempt to debunk the claims but it was so far adrift from any proof that I wondered how the Discovery Channel could even have the gall to present it. At the end of the program, Richard Wiseman says (and I paraphrase, as its a while since I saw the program):


Police on horseback in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Police on horseback in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

There’s a movie from around 2010 called ‘V for Vendetta’. It depicts a UK where a right-wing authoritarian regime has come to power and a vigilante (V) takes on the ruling government. The characteristics of the ruling party are: right-wing, intolerant of minorities, pro religion, and resented by the mass of the population. In reality what we see today is that the oppressive regimes are the opposite: left-wing, supportive of (quite specific) minorities, anti-religion (they are mostly Atheists) and supported by the masses.

Hitler, of course, had the support of the masses and used the Jews as a the scapegoat…

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