According to your stats: current people in hospital (ostensibly because of Covid) 44,000. Population of USA is approx 330 million That’s 0.0001375% of the population. You’ve clouded the issue by using terms such as the increase percent etc rather than showing that the real danger to most people from Covid is extremely small.

We’ve shut down businesses, increased suicides, deprived people of communication with their loved ones. Famine is facing Africa on a huge scale because the lifeline of trade has dried up.

So lets offset these figures with some of the following;

The number of people who died of miscellaneous respiratory infections last year (which would now be attributed to Covid): 150,000.

The huge increase in mental health problems (around 44% of people surveyed report mental health issues) and the corresponding increase in suicide.

The breakdown of ordinary life and the things that people enjoy.

The lack of freedom as a result of tracking and prohibiting free travel.

The deaths in developing countries from the sudden cutting off of trade and charity.

The growing disparity between the ultra-rich and the rest of the population.

The huge dept that all Western governments are taking on.

What makes it more absurd is that the vulnerable people in nursing homes are still dying. So the people who should be protected, aren’t. In my experience with taking to people in nursing homes most would much rather see their relatives and take on the risk of Covid then living in an isolated cell devoid of real human contact. They are dying of loneliness as much as Covid. But of course, they and us, aren’t allowed choice in this matter.

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